SupremeManagement.net is the culmination of information that we have come across through our interactions with extraordinary people in and out of the entertainment industry

Music has the capacity to bridge gaps amongst diverse cultures especially in the genres of hip hop and reggae. Music’s influence is omnipresent and has the capabilities to employ, educate and change the lives of many people.

Our mission is introduce people to new material and promote those artists that we feel can make an impact on someone’s life. We want to assist in bringing attention to those artists that are under exposed and people, places and things that contribute to making this world better through entertainment, activism or both.

Mainstream media overlooks many great entertainers who fall under the radar. Audiences aren’t informed about artists, promoters, authors, lecturers, etc. who are doing positive things in their communities These are the individuals that need the moral support to continue to uplift and inspire. We should salute those who raise the consciousness of the public through various mediums of art. The focus of SupremeManagement.net is to create a community that is informed about all aspects of art and not what is deemed important by mainstream media. SupremeManagement.net wants to share resources and provide opportunities for artistic growth and development.

Yaseen I Allah (CEO)