Zodiak Killa releases “Death of the Zodiak – The Final Numbers”

ZodiakKilla-Death of the Zodiak-TheFinalNumbers

The villainous venomous MC from Venice Zodiak Killa from Fat Chance Crew has been releasing a mixtape/album every year since 2005. This is a re-release of the 8th and FINAL of the Zodiak Killa albums in the “Numbers” series. The entire album is lyrically beyond it’s time and is a work of art. Released 12-12-12 it is now available for digital download. Purchase the single “1986”
Zodiak Killa is a Los Angeles based M.C. who’s style is like a Chameleon. He is always adapting his lyrical content, rapid fire style and vocal harmonys to match the surrounding scenario.
Zodiak Killa began his path as an M.C. in Venice California in 1994.He released his 1st demo tape to the “homies” and became a local legend overnight. This made him take the music seriously and he began his career as a recording artist at the age of 15. After a few legal situations,years of set backs and a lot of pain and heart ache , he finally got his life together and began to release albums professionally.
In 2005,this began with the release of Hellz Angel(5.5.05), and after that
6.6.6. The Dirty Version (On iTunes now) Released 6.6.06
Zo Jay’s Revenge — Released 7.7.07
Jungle Team-Forced Entry (on ITunes now)—-Released 8.8.08
A Love Story (on iTunes) 9.9.09 The Killer and The High Priest (on iTunes)—Released 9.9.09
Machete-Released 10-10-10
The Window of Disbelief-Released 11-11-11
and now Death of the Zodiak-The Final Numbers
this is the FINAL of the number released albums. Thenext album #Lookwhatyoumademedo will be out soon



1. Fresh Up Out the County 12-12-12 5:28
2. It’s Nothin’ 1:20
3. 1986 2:30
4. In 4 the Kill 2:40
5. Life’s a Bitch 1:30
6. Hip Hop (You Showed Me) 2:51
7. The Mixtape Is Dead 2:23
8. The Heist 1:17
9. Drive 4:35
10. Life Goes On 3:53
11. Keep On 3:08
12. Hip Hop (Remix) [Bonus Track]

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