The Anacaona Foundation Partners With Black Celebrity Giving For Diaper Drive Benefiting Haiti







The Anacaona Foundation and will be collecting diapers in Atlanta, Miami, New York, Chicago, Phoenix and Los Angelas throughout the month of December. What we collect will then be shipped to Haiti, where it will be split between the orphanage at Notre Dame Des Victoires and the Pediatric Center at the General Hospital in Port-au-Prince.


Attached is a one sheet about the Diaper Drive. You can also find less “formal” information you can share by clicking here. Please let me know if you are able to support this effort by serving as a drop-off location at your business or event or simply by helping us to get the word out.


About The Anacaona Foundation:


In January 2010, as we watched the devastation that hit Port-au-Prince in a matter of seconds, my sister Dr. Didi Saint-Louis and I, like so many other Haitians living abroad, found ourselves simultaneously compelled to do something and unsure of where to begin. As we started to research ways to help and organizations to work with immediately following the earthquake, we decided to serve as a resource for others who, like us, wanted to do something. We created the “ATL 4 Haiti” group on Facebook and were overwhelmed by the amount of support we got. Within hours we had thousands of follower ready to contribute to the cause in whatever way they can. We know that this could have never happened without YOU.


With your help, we collected food, diapers, formula, water, clothes, medicine, hygiene kits and even things people wouldn’t have thought about about (like coloring books for the little ones). But this wasn’t an easy process by any stretch of the imagination.


What we discovered in the weeks following the earthquake was that due to the lack of infrastructure and regulation in Haiti, hundreds of Non-Profit Organizations had set up shop in Haiti before the earthquake even started and were operating without a system of communication that would allow them to work together to better achieve the good that most of them intended to do. When the earthquake hit, thousands of people were ready to jump to action. But without anyone to point them in the right direction or express our specific needs, the Haitian people ended up in a chaotic situation that allowed for the virtual (and real) kidnapping of countless orphans; the exclusion of Haitian professionals who wanted be a part of the solution and had onsite resources to offer; wasted food and medication; and billions of aid dollars unspent.


By the summer of 2010, Didi and I, along with our father Dr. Lafontaine Saint-Louis, started thinking of ways to help create a better system. We were frustrated with what seemed like this pervasive idea that the Haitian people needed to be “rescued” rather than to be offered a helping hand. We wanted to help connect the dots.


And so was born The Anacaona Foundation. Named after the last Taino “queen” in Haiti at the time of Columbus’ arrival, our foundation aims to raise foreign awareness and find support and resources for existing programs and charities in Haiti, with a focus on health, education and the arts. Furthermore, as we grow, we hope to identify and partner with charitable projects and organizations whose efforts and initiatives we can replicate in Haiti.


Since 2010, we have worked with the Haitian Alliance and The Safe America Foundation (both in Atlanta) to deliver food, water and medication to hundreds of families. We also worked with Wyoming Haiti Relief and Wyoming Prosthetics to provide prosthetic limbs to over 20 children and young adults in Port-au-Prince who were injured during the earthquake at no cost. We’ve also “adopted” the orphanage at Notre Dame Des Victoires, which we’ve been supporting for the past two years with clothing, shoes and diapers for the children and a monthly financial gift as the orphanage continues to work to recover from the earthquake, which destroyed one of their dorms and the on-site school building.


Please feel free to contact me if you should have any questions and to pass along our contact information, should you know anyone who might be interested in supporting our cause.


Again, on behalf of my sister and my dad, thank you for your support!





Anne-Laure “Tai” Saint-Louis

Director of Community/Partner Relations

The Anacaona Foundation

e: [email protected]

p: 678.793.6179

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