Portland’s 7th Annual Youth Summit



We could use your help!

Are you interested in joining and supporting Portland’s 7th Annual Youth Summit in February. Our theme this year is “Be Healthy”  we will focus on the connection of our mind, body and soul and the dire need to re-connect our youth in becoming healthy and making the right decisions.  The Summit is for parents and adult as well because we believe in a total and complete acquisition of knowledge beginning with the parents and ending with the youth.  We must learn, teach, heal, understand and appreciate life together as a family unit and not as individuals, therefore we combined a few workshops this year to do just that.  You can register online at www.portlandyouthsummit.org and also mail/email this form back to us.


If you would like to make a financial contribution which is much needed please do so on the site as well.  Anything helps and it will be routed directly to our PAYPAL account.


Thank you and we look forward in working with you all!


Imani Muhammad


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