INTERVIEW with Shabaam Sahdeeq


INTERVIEW with Shabaam Sahdeeq by Dennis “Crayz” Lehto

A lotta folks reading this are probably familiar with Shabaam Sahdeeq (aka S Double) going way back to them Sound Bombing and Lyricist Lounge days and onward. But for those that slept, please introduce yourself to the people in your own words …

Hey yall I’m Shabaam Sahdeeq aka S dub for those who don’t know me, for those that do im still here and I’m still working.

I understand you were shot in the early 2000’s, and shortly after you did a 3 year prison sentence. Unfortunate timing as you were really building a lot of steam as an artist at the time, which explains the hiatus after “Never Say Never”. As a fan I’m glad to see you’re back on track in present days. How would you say that drama effected things for you personally and/or professionally?

It has not effected me negatively, it has just shown my ability to bounce back better than ever. Just like the city of New York after the World Trade, or New Orleans after Katrina.

The year that the world trade came down was full of turmoil for me but I had a brand new baby boy and girl so I had no choice but to make it.

Your latest solo project “Off Parole” is now available for online purchase. Can you break it down in your own words?

Off parole is a celebration of freedom. Its learning from your mistakes, and making things work for you as a free man. Its about coming home from prison on parole, making it off and changing your life around and going on a European tour a few months after being released from parole……. more

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