Celebrating the unrivaled impact of this creative genius, DJ/Producer (and composer for the recently Emmy-awarded film The Doctor) J.PERIOD presents The Legacy of James Brown, an epic 80-minute journey through the life and music of the Godfather of Soul. Remixing over 60 JB classics, The Legacy of James Brown plays like a wall-to-wall musical treasure hunt of hip hop samples and sound bytes-a narrated musical tour for new generation of fans unfamiliar with hip hop’s true Founding Father. One listen and it becomes clear: James Brown influenced… everyone.
“The Legacy of James Brown has been my most ambitious project to date,” states J.PERIOD, “and it has also been the ultimate reminder of James Brown’s truly pervasive impact on modern music. Remixing the JB catalog sparks a powerful realization: all the music that has most inspired my career-hip-hop, soul, funk, Prince, MJ, Fela and more-is the direct result of James Brown’s genius. I hope my tribute can inspire a new generation of artists to explore the legacy of this musical giant.”
Produced in J.PERIOD’s signature music-meets-narrative style, The Legacy of James Brown features interviews and sound bytes with fellow music legends Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Afrika Bambaata, Rakim and more. The result – a seamless fusion of James Brown’s music and life story – has already sparked rave reviews from music icon/social media powerhouse Questlove, world-renowned DJ Jazzy Jeff and more!

1. Intro/Sex Machine (Jorun Bombay Dub Version)
2. It’s Star Time!/Ain’t It Funky (Remix)
3. Soul Power (J.PERIOD Re-Edit)
4. What Is Soul? (Interlude)
5. Mind Power (J.PERIOD Re-Edit)
6. Teach the Newcomers/Dead On It (Remix)
7. Ants In My Pants (J.PERIOD Re-Edit)
8. Monopoly on Soul (Interlude)
9. Drive That Funky Soul (J.PERIOD Re-Edit)
10. No Compromise (Interlude)
11. Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag
12. Superbad (J.PERIOD Re-Edit)
13. Feel Alright (Live)
14. Inspiration (Interlude)
15. Got That Feeling/Way You Make Me Feel (Remix) feat. Michael Jackson
16. Eddie Murphy Interlude
17. Cold Sweat (J.PERIOD Re-Edit)
18. Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved (J.PERIOD Re-Edit)
19. Al Sharpton Interlude
20. Hot Pants Road (J.PERIOD Remix) feat. Public Enemy
21. Blow Your Head/Soul Pride (J.PERIOD Remix)
22. The Grunt vs. Public Enemy (J.PERIOD Remix)
23. New Generation (Interlude) /Cross The Tracks
24. The Era of Sampling (Interlude) feat. Big Daddy Kane
25. Hot Pants (I’m Coming)
26. I Know You Got Soul
27. Pass the Peas (J.PERIOD Remix) feat. Rakim
28. The Beginning of Hip Hop (Interlude)
29. More Peas (J.PERIOD Re-Edit)
30. Sampling More Peas (J.PERIOD Remix)
31. There Was a Time/Treat Em Right (J.PERIOD Re-Edit)
32. My Favorite Artist (Interlude) feat. Kanye West
33. Funky President (J.PERIOD Re-Edit)
34. Talkin Loud & Sayin Nothing (J.PERIOD Re-Edit)
35. Can Mind/One for All (J.PERIOD Re-Edit)
36. My Thang (J.PERIOD Re-Edit)
37. What’s Your Secret? (Interlude)/Your Love
38. It’s My Thing (J.PERIOD Re-Edit)
39. Blind Man Can See (Jorun Bombay x J.PERIOD Re-Edit)
40. Funky Drummer (Make Me Sweat) (Jorun Bombay Remix)
41. Funky Drummer (J.PERIOD Re-Edit)
42. Not Part of the Establishment (Interlude)
43. You Can Have Watergate (J.PERIOD Re-Edit)
44. Same Gang/Untitled Instrumental (J.PERIOD Re-Edit)
45. Escape-Ism (J.PERIOD Re-Edit)
46. Greedy G
47. Get On the Good Foot
48. Unwind Yourself (J.PERIOD Re-Edit) feat. DJ Kool
49. Think (J.PERIOD “These Are The Breaks” Remix)
50. Give It Up Turn It Loose (J.PERIOD Re-Edit)
51. MLK Assasination (Interlude)
52. Say it Loud (Jorun Bombay x J.PERIOD Re-Edit)
53. So Hard
54. Spell The Name Right (Interlude)
55. The Boss/Get Down (J.PERIOD Re-Edit) feat. Nas
56. Blues & Pants (J.PERIOD Remix) feat. B.I.G.
57. The Big Payback (J.PERIOD Re-Edit)
58. Bring It Up/Manifest (J.PERIOD Remix)
59. Papa Don’t Take No Mess (J.PERIOD Re-Edit)
60. Legacy of JB (Interlude)/Popcorn With a Feeling
61. I’m Not to Blame (J.PERIOD Re-Edit)
62. Man’s World/Thank You (Outtro)
63. Bonus: I Feel Good (Tall Black Guy Flip-Up)

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