EYE2025* (aka Ness of hip-hop group A-Alikes), releases new single “Pedalin.”







BROOKLYN, NY— September 7, 2011— Brooklyn Hip-Hop artist, EYE2025* (aka Ness of hip-hop group A-Alikes), releases new single “Pedalin.”

The bass-heavy, hard-hitting Hip-Hop track “Pedalin”—produced by the Brookyn-based renegade sound design and production duo, D://BOi (Digital Birth Of Imagination),whose client list includes Cassidy, Swizz Beats, Gucci Mane, G-Shock to name a few— is a rebellious narrative as told by EYE2025*, grinding through Everyhood, USA on his deluxe 7-speed Dahon, bringing light to the masses.

Following up his debut solo EP, EYE2025Chapter1 – released shortly after return from touring in Japan – a post-apocalyptic concept album and dystopian look into the not so distant future, fused with electro and rock inspirations from a hip-hop perspective. EYE2025Chapter1 has been declared Hip-Hop’s answer to “Clockwork Orange,” “1984” and any other comparable tale of a dark technologically-fueled tomorrow… Painting a distinctive picture of what could very well be America’s next phase.

In an energy conscious world where bike riding is a hobby for some, “Pedalin” reflects the NYC culture of biking as a main form of transportation creating an introspective ode to bike riders, enthusiasts, urban survivalists, hustlers, energy conservationists and the like.

“Pedalin, like most songs I create came from what I was actually doing at the time. I write a lot of songs in my head while riding my bike, ironically though, I never wrote a song about bike riding. After getting the beat from the homies – D://Boi, it just hit me – ‘Pedalin Pedalin on my bike I be Peddling….’ I ran with it…. With the EYE2025* project I’m putting myself in that time but building off what’s going on right now such as the energy crisis where gas is only getting more expensive and alternatives to gas-powered transportation are becoming more popular. In 2025* NYC will look like China with all the bike riding… In my present-day-real-life I had a car and chose to get rid of it due to rising costs (& NYC tickets). Instead, my bike is my main form of transportation. In NYC biking ain’t just for kids everybody rides…. so Pedalin’ is like the unofficial NYC bike rider anthem.” – Eye2025*

Eye2025* illustrates the bleak yet beautiful world of 2025—a future just around the corner, as “Pedalin” travels into the second interval – Eye2025*Chapter2, coming soon!

ABOUT EYE2025* [short for IllumiNesssence 2025*]:

Coming from the revolutionary hip-hop group A-Alikes, IllumiNessence is no stranger to the game. For years he and his partner A-Black, along with the rest of the RBG/People Army family (dead prez, Divine of the Dey, etc) have been on a mission to bring to light the world of the have-nots, and send out a call to arms to rise up, educate and build community.

Ness is currently in the studio working on forthcoming chapters to the Eye2025* epic, co-writing the script with Director Paul Biedrzyck to an as yet untitled futuristic poli-sci-fi film that inspired the soundtrack, and putting the finishing touches on the A-Alikes next LP Us Against Them. As well, he is breaking out into graphic/visual side of things with multi-media works of ART, videos, T-Shirts, and more.

Eye2025* contains a simple yet powerful message – “Something’s gotta give… Things are coming to a head and we’re going to see radical changes in our lifetime one way or another. That revolution that we been talking about is going down. Get ready. ”

Listen & Download “Pedalin” – www.Eye2025.bandcamp.com

Download EYE2025*Chapter1

Follow EYE2025*: Twitter.com/Eye2025 | Eye2025.tumblr.com | Soundcloud.com/Eye2025


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