Guerilla Nation/Hard Boiled Records New Single from A-Alikes ft. M-1 of dead prez #WHOLELIFE




Hard Boiled Records teams up with Guerilla Nation – new EP from Brooklyn rap duo A-Alikes available June 11th, 2013!
“Whole Life” – A-Alikes feat. M-1 of dead prez & Raye 6
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(Brooklyn, NY) – Hard Boiled Records is proud to announce a new partnership with Guerilla Nation to develop a series of new releases from Brooklyn heavyweight rap duo A-Alikes. Kicking things off is the brand new single called ‘Whole Life’ which features M-1 of dead prez, which is available now on iTunes, Spotify, MOG  and all other key online outlets. This is the lead track from a series of EP releases in development, the first EP ‘Us Against Them’ will be released on June 11th and features M-1, Divine from The D.E.Y, Raye 6, and much more.
Consisting of rappers Ness and K, A-Alikes formed in Tallahassee in the late nineties. In those heady days of the underground hip hop movement they banged out beats, rhymes and progressive ideology in ‘The Attic’, a spot where they’d build on everything from the future of hip-hop to fanning the flames of hope for Black and Brown youth. It was there that they connected with their Peoples Army/R.B.G. comrades and M-1 of dead prez. This fertile environment allowed the crews to cultivate a delicate balance between the reality of the streets and the revolutionary philosophy that remains the backbone of A-Alikes’ powerful and poignant lyrical exposition.
It’s been an eventful time since those early days and A-Alikes have long since relocated to Brooklyn where they are mainstays as musical icons and proponents of progressive community activism. Whether it’s conducting interviews for their upcoming documentary film Ballot or the Bullet, performing and setting up fundraising events for the burgeoning Occupy Movement, working on their ‘Eat Right’ online campaign, or simply tearing down stages at local events, the A-Alikes have been all about putting their words into action.
Ness from A-Alikes – “We went through a phase where we were looking for the right “home” for the project but the labels we met up with either didn’t understand A-Alikes’ music or wanted to control it to an extent. With Hard Boiled/eOne we basically get the freedom to do us but still have a team riding wit us, helping us get our music to the people.”
Charles Book (President of Hard Boiled Records) adds “We are thrilled to be working with A-Alikes and Guerilla Nation. These guys walk the walk and give sincere voice to an audience that has been too often ignored in today’s disposable and highly commercialized musical environment. This is music for the heart, soul and mind and I can’t wait to help share the great things this group has in store with the rest of the world.”
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  • Brandon DeLorean Johnson

    I like the DP’Z they somehow have me living a better life then I am supposed to… I been wanting to hear A-Alikes… It sounds like it hit more points amplified… Just like every time, the music started I am nervouse and scare it and then they seemed to somehow dissolve all that… I dont’ even know for certain what has or isn’t isn’t again happening… they can siiing…
    I am trying to make art worded up w/ yall here hoola black