Sha Stimuli Launches Wake Up and Go T-shirt Design Contest Benefiting Emcee Desdamona’s “Too Big For My Skin” Education Project


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Sha Stimuli Launches Wake Up and Go T-shirt Design Contest Benefiting Emcee Desdamona’s “Too Big For My Skin” Education Project

September 6, 2011 – Today, Brooklyn Hip Hop Veteran, Sha Stimuli, who recently dropped his latest mixtape “The Break-Up Part 2: The Proposal,” is launching the “Wake Up and Go”campaign to raise funds for international Hip Hop and spoken word artist Desdamona’s, “Too Big for My Skin” educational program.

The “Wake Up and Go” campaign begins with the launch of the “Wake Up and Go” T- Shirt design contest that will allow designers to submit “Wake Up and Go” themed t-shirt designs. The winner of the design contest will then see their t-shirt on sale to benefit the “Too Big for My Skin” program.

With the “Too Big for My Skin” Campaign, Desdamona intends to make women rethink society’s beauty standards and their own. She believes women must create new images of what is beautiful to them instead of waiting for the media to tell them what is beautiful.

This collaboration could not have come at a better time. Sha recently launched his newest video “Wake Up and Go” from The Proposal, in May 2011. In the song, Sha conveys a strong message to women of all ages to love themselves for who they are and the body that they were given.

The contest’s timeline is as follows:

·         9/5/2011 – 9/16/2011 – Designs will be taken via submission process described on
·         9/19/2011 – 9/23/2011 – Voting for winning design will take place on
·         9/26/2011 – Winner will be notified and announced via and winning design will be placed for sale online.

About Sha Stimuli

In hip hop and the music industry in general, it’s difficult as an emcee not to be pigeon-holed into a sub-genre or classified by lyrical skill, technique, or sound. There is one artist that seems to fly under the radar at all times and avoids being placed among the ranks of stereotypical rappers, and that emcee is Sha Stimuli.

Sha Stimuli, the “Unsung” hero of the hip hop world, the working man’s working emcee; that’s who you are now going to be introduced to…

Sha’s talent began to be developed at a young age, when he was introduced to the business side of the world of hip-hop by his brother and producer Lord Digga. Digga would often take Sha to studio sessions, performances, and photo shoots of rappers who his peers only got to see on TV, driving his passion for the music further than any child his age could have imagined.

His young and fresh sound granted him a place on Masta Ace’s Slaughterhouse album before he was old enough to even attend school dances and high school basketball games. He envisioned himself a kid rapper along the likes of Kriss Kross and Another Bad Creation (ABC). However, the industry did not see the potential or need for another gimmick young hip-hop artist.

With uncertainty in his heart and a mission to escape Brooklyn’s mean East Flatbush streets, Sha turned to his second love – basketball; and headed to Iowa to play for a Division 1 College in the NCAA. He stayed in the Midwest for a year leaving Des Moines after his brother signed a recording contract to Atlantic Records, realizing that this recent success could open the door to his true passion: music.

With his mind set on re-entering the game as a top emcee, Sha began to develop his industry experience while attending Delaware State University in 1997 while interning for Roc-A-Fella records. At Roc-A-Fella’s offices he saw the re-birth of Jay-Z and learned how a solo artist with no major co-sign could indeed become a mega star.

In 2002, Stimuli released a series of mixtapes starting with Let Me Show You the Way. Taking the streets by storm this led to the then-prophetic “Unsigned Hype” section feature in The Source Magazine in 2003 and coverage in other major print and online magazines. He continued performing at showcases and opened up for artists across the country honing his craft.

Stimuli’s self-released single “Stop What You Doin” featured the Punjabi MC broke into radio rotation in a several markets. And after pulling a full time jack move of Janet Jackson’s marginal single “Need You” he got even more spins and was finally signed to Virgin Records by the same man he interned for at Roc-A-Fella, Lenny S. On Virgin he was scheduled to release his first major label release Thee Emotion Picture.

Recording at Baseline studios, Sha Stimuli enlisted Just Blaze, Nottz, and Streetrunner to produce his LP and was then courted by newly appointed Def Jam president Shawn Carter to leave Virgin Records. As he struggled to pull himself out of limbo, it all came to a crashing halt. Virgin Records had a new President in Jermaine Dupri who wanted to keep Sha Stimuli on the roster while Lenny S. left for Def Jam. Political and legal binds between the two labels as well as his management followed leaving Sha Stimuli in an uncomfortable situation, his back to the wind and in 2007 without a solid management team or a real place to call home he became a free agent in early 2008.

Winning “Best Lyricist” and “Best Male Rapper” at the Underground Music Awards, (2007 & 2008 respectively), and releasing music online kept the name Sha Stimuli alive; speaking to children at countless public schools and being a guest on Lisa Evers on Hot 97FM’s Street Soldiers helped him remain active in the community. But the person behind the music became bored with and shattered by the industry.

Since a youth, Sha found his happiness through music and needed to vent so much that in January of the year he set out on a quest to drop one Mix-CD per month with his childhood friend DJ Victorious. Each CD was fully conceptual and contained 89% original music with topics ranging from relationships (Love Jones & The Breakup Part 1) to politics (March on Washington/Election Edition).

At one point his goal was to show everyone that a hip-hop artist does not have to be defined as one thing so he chose to show many sides of his humanity. Now he believes goals are only short term and success is just an idea. Sha Stimuli has no plans on reaching a particular point and stopping, there is no ceiling to his ascension. Music is a tool to guide him to the next level of life where he will be known as a writer, a thinker, an actor, an author, and a poet. There is no marketing plan drawn up to express the desire to speak to the everyday person going through life’s ups and downs that look to music as a distraction.

Sha explains it best himself in the hook of the song “Can’t Stop” on 2011’s Unsung, “Never slowing down, came too far, can’t turn back now. This is all I got so no matter what happens, yo I can’t stop.” And the fans keep holding onto the fact that he won’t let them down and that he will keep blessing them with lyrical gems.

About Desdamona

Desdamona is an international award-winning artist; who has taken her distinct lyrics, sounds, and artistic styling’s to audiences from Minnesota to Hawaii to Puerto Rico to Germany; gracing some of Hip Hop and poetry’s most illustrious stages.

Desdamona has had the pleasure of opening up for distinguished artists including Wyclef Jean, GURU, Bahamadia, Zap Mama, Black Uhuru/Sly & Robbie, Saul Williams, Ursula Rucker, KRS ONE and Rhymesayers artists. She has also shared the stage with influential Hip Hop artists including Canada’s Eternia, Medusa and Bgirl Rockafella.

Desdamona has worked in over 200 schools throughout the Midwest, conducting workshops and as artist in residence, working with more than 10,000 students in public, private and alternative schools as well as colleges and universities. She has also worked in residencies and workshops in Stillwater Prison, Shakopee Prison, Red Wing Juvenile Facility and the Juvenile Detention Center in Minneapolis MN.

Desdamona is one of the founders of B Girl Be, the first international festival, which celebrates women in Hip Hop. She was a featured performer at the We B*Girlz Festival in Berlin, Germany (2008), the SheRock Festival (2008), and was a Minnesota Music Awards featured performer (2005). Desdamona was also awarded Best Spoken Word Artist from the MN Music Awards five consecutive years. Desdamona was a featured artist on the Summer Jam Tour (2007) with legendary, Grammy Award winning artists Sly & Robbie. She and beatbox partner Carnage (as Ill Chemistry) also headlined The 2nd Nature Tour (2008).

Desdamona released her first formal product, The Ledge, in 2005. With production from Sly & Robbie, the project was well received and combined Des’s potent poetry and fierce hip hop delivery with a mix of heavy, world-influenced beats. The Ledge also introduced Desdamona’s fans to her singing, including the hooks and full songs on the album. In 2007, Desdamona released The Source. This project was recorded more organically, with all live instrumentation. The Source offered a whole new feel to Desdamona’s sound, while her lyrics and delivery were as powerful as ever. The Source was a success with fans as well as college radio; ranking as high as number 10 on the Hip Hop charts.

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