Doctor Operating on Womans Brain Tumor Finds Live Worm In Brain

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whats even more amazing is that people still eat the filthy animal,

the Egyptians (Khamitc people) didnt eat the swine nor did hold it in any place of esteem thats why you never see the swine on any reliefs of any walls in Egypt (Khamit)  the beetle rolls its dung around and the Egyptians saw fit to find some symbolic use for even that animals habit, but the swine, nada.  Now the Greeks were big Swine eaters who later invaded Egypt and created the first ptolemaic dynasty from around 303 b.c to 30 b.c. anyway the first time the swine is mentioned in the bible is in Leviticus where disease and leprosy are often mentioned.  The swine is also interestingly considered legion in the bible, and legion is also another name for devils or devil.   Remember that a legion numbers 6,000 as in a roman legion, or herd of demons.  Anyway I digress.  Muslims and Jews know against the consumption of this animal, and early Christians know against it but under Slavery it was given to African enslaved people because at that time European colonialist expansion was already corrupted to the core so thus was European Western Christendome (Christianity) so the consumption of swine by the slave master makes perfect sense and thus made perfect sense for him or her to give it to the slave.  i could go on and on and on for days, “but if you dont know now you know”   people stop eating this filthy flesh or die…

often times a lot of ailments like flu, rhumatism or a common headache is actually the culprit of the consumption of swine.  there are numerous books on the subject just google them and learn something.

Freedom Williams

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